Moody Library Services Joins I-Share March 12, 2018

Beginning March 12, 2018, Moody Library Services bacame part of the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) I-Share consortium. The I-Share online catalog now contains 14.7 million unique bibliographic records and 37 million total volumes representing the holdings of 91 CARLI member institutions. The combination of this enormous consortial collection with I-Share’s resource sharing services gives I-Share library patrons ready access to a collection that ranks among the world’s greatest research libraries.

For the Michigan and Spokane libraries, this means that the look of the online catalog was updated to a new format on March 12. You can access the new library catalog here.

For the Crowell Library in Chicago, the online catalog also was updated, and Crowell Library will join 89 other college and research libraries across the state of Illinois in the I-Share family of libraries. Beginning on Monday, March 26, Chicago library accounts will be able to access resources from other I-Share libraries.

For all Moody students, staff, and faculty who live in Illinois, becoming part of I-Share opens up a world of additional library resources, all available to you if you get a library barcode:

  • Get your I.D. card barcoded:

    Illinois students, staff, and faculty will need the barcode to check out books, beginning Monday March 12. Come to the circulation desk in Crowell Library to get your I.D. card barcoded.
  • “Why will I need a library barcode?”

    Starting March 12, you will need a library barcode on your ID card to borrow books from Crowell Library. Starting March 26, you will need the library barcode to make use of the I-Share network of 90 academic libraries in Illinois.
  • “What can I do with my library barcode?”

    • Check out books from Crowell Library.
    • Check out books at 89 other I-Share libraries, starting on Monday, March 26. Click HERE for a complete list.
    • Request I-Share books online for prompt delivery to Crowell Library or any other I-Share library for you to pick up.
  • “When can I start using my library barcode?”

    On Monday March 12, you can check out books in the Crowell library. On Monday, March 26, you will be able to use your library barcode to request or borrow books from the other I-Share libraries.
  • “What are the benefits of I-Share?”

    • Starting on March 26, I-Share will allow students, staff and faculty at member institutions to borrow over 37 million items from 90 college and research libraries in Illinois.
    • You can request I-Share books online for overnight delivery by courier.
    • You can borrow them directly from any I-Share library using your I.D. card with the new library barcode.
    • You can pick up or drop off your books at any I-Share library.
  • “Can I get a new library barcode if my I.D. card is lost or damaged?”

    Yes. Come to the Crowell Library circulation desk and a staff member will affix a new library barcode to your I.D. card.

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