Policies and Procedures

Policies at each Moody Library may differ from those listed below. For specific policies and procedures for your library, visit each location's Policies and Guidelines pages.

Cell Phones

The sound setting on all cell phones and mobile devices must be set to silent or vibrate. Per library staff discretion, any patron talking loudly on their cell phone will be asked to finish their call outside the library.

If you need to answer a call, please do so in designated areas or outside the library. Cell phones may not be used in the restrooms.


Any item not returned 30 days past the due date is considered lost and incurs lost and processing fees.  Lost fees are assessed according to item type for materials that are lost, damaged, or unreturned and are charged to the library account. If the item is returned in good condition within 30 days of payment the replacement fee will be refunded, however the processing fee is non-refundable. Library privileges are suspended until all lost and processing fees are paid in full. See your library's Policies page for fee details.

Food and Beverages

Certain food is only allowed in specified areas of each library, if consumed responsibly. Patrons are expected to clean up after themselves, discarding trash in appropriate containers and notifying staff immediately of any spills.

Food is limited to meal replacements, snack or wrapped items which are consumed individually. No fast food or open plates of food are allowed. The delivery of food to the library for library users is prohibited.

Patrons with food having a strong odor may be asked to consume it outside the library. Beverages in lidded containers are allowed everywhere in the library.  Make sure you are aware of areas where food is prohibited.

Library Account

Visit the online library catalog to access your account. Click on Login, then click on Create New Account to create your library catalog account. Type in your library barcode number into the Borrower ID field, and make sure you select Moody as your affiliated I-Share library. You will receive your account information via e-mail. The account will enable you to see your checked out items, items on request, your fines/printing charges and your personal information. You will also be able to renew books.

Quiet in the Library

The library is used for different purposes, but most people who visit are searching for a quiet, calm atmosphere that is conducive to study. Talking should be in a low voice or whisper, and should be kept to a minimum.

Overdue Notices

Fines start accruing and notices are sent from the library when an item becomes overdue. These overdue notices are provided as a courtesy of the library only. Failure to receive a notice is not a valid excuse for neglecting to return library materials.

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