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Hispanic Heritage Month Display

From September 15 to October 15, 2019, the Crowell Library will display the following.

  • On a book display unit at the base of the stairs on the lower level, books and DVD’s emphasizing Hispanic/Latino culture and interfaces with Christian evangelism and church ministry in general, and as it interfaces with Moody Global Ministries activities and goals in particular
  • Click here for a select list of books, ebooks, databases and videos

Crowell Library celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month to teach and learn about Hispanic/Latino culture and history in order to:

  • Help both the Moody community and descendants of Hispanic and Latino cultures understand, appreciate and celebrate its identity with and contribution to God’s kingdom and American history
  • Help better interact with those who have different heritages and cultures from our own


Two New Databases

On January 17, Crowell Library premiered two new databases:

HALOT will be a go-to site for all students of the Hebrew language.

World Religions Database provides perspectives both from outside and within other religions. Included are videos, music clips, and 100 texts deemed sacred to the respective adherents of dozens of religions.

Click here to see our full list of over 100 databases:



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